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What is an HOA?

Living in a homeowners association community means that you are required to pay monthly fees to be a part of it. These fees typically go toward the amenities like pools or tennis courts, grounds maintenance, and sometimes services like garbage pickup or cable. Paying your fees is an important rule to follow otherwise you may be asked to leave.


HOA Documents

Management Certificate For Homeowners Association
Bylaws Of Lumen Homeowners Association, LLC
Architectural Control Committe Application
Lumen Homeowners Association Sign Owners
Restrictions Phase A                       
Amendment Phase A                     
Restrictions Phase B                       
HOA Rush Restrictions                   
Phase A Final Plat
Phase B Final Plat
Setback Changes                             
Setback Record Changes

New Gate Registration

As of November 2021 a new telephone entry system has been installed at the entrance of Lumen. Please fill out the following registration forms at your earliest convenience.

If you need a remote for the Lumen gate, please call (956) 600-7205

Board of Directors